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Leaving the nest

“Not only is the app easy to navigate, but the concept is something we desperately need. Being a 22-year-old college graduate, I am currently struggling to find a good roommate whom I can trust and have a good living experience with, and this app would help me do just that. I will definitely be a Chillow app user!”

-Gabriella H.

No more rolling the dice

“After hearing about Chillow, I realized how there is nothing out there to help ensure housing for renters today! It's crazy! It is a gamble going through Craigslist to find a roommate. No thank you! Chillow is going to be an invaluable resource!”

-Andrew P.

Quality of life

“I can't believe this app hasn't existed until now. This would have saved me so much time and effort trying to get to know my potential roommate within the short house tour. I would have especially loved Chillow when I was in college. Many of my roommates led a different lifestyle than my own.”

-Jamie M.