Mastering Roommate Etiquette

May 24, 2021

Here at Chillow, we know the horror of a drill it can be when you finally get home. You go into the kitchen and see the dishwasher is clean, waiting to be unloaded and the dishes put back into their designated home. For a split second, you think about possibly unloading it, then turn lazy and wait for your roommate to do it instead. We could go on about all the things we should be doing when living with roommates.

Have your roommates ever left dirty dishes in the sink? When you lived with someone else and you were doing most of the cleaning? Has your roommate ever borrowed something without asking? Do they even respect your space? 

If any of the above scenarios sound a little too familiar you may want to stick around, because we’re here to start the awkward conversation about the dos and don’ts of living with others! A little roommate etiquette 101 if you will. 

We could all use a little refresher on proper etiquette so without further ado, here are some things to remember when living with someone else!

Find a roommate with similar values & lifestyle

This was first on our list for a reason. When you live with someone whose values are the same, chances are they have a similar outlook on respecting the mutual living space. If you didn’t talk about your lifestyles and values before becoming roommates don’t worry, it isn’t too late! Make sure to sit down and find out what they value to better understand how they will act when living with another person.

Establishing some basic rules with your roommates

You would be surprised at how many people forget this step, but the Chillow Team is here to tell you just how important it is! Next time you’re together grab a piece of paper and write down some agreed rules to hold each other accountable. Talk about what you expect from each other, who pays for what, what is important to you etc.

Respect your roommate’s space

Living with someone means you have a fair amount of shared space. Make sure you keep your home clean and welcoming for your roommates and guests. A good rule of thumb is to leave your home in the same -or even better- way when you first moved in.

Check-in with your roommate before inviting guests

The tenants of the home should be in agreement with who is coming over. If they say no, stay true to your roommate agreement or stick to your room. As we said, it’s called a shared space for a reason.

Don’t be a food robber, eat your own!

Do we even need to explain our thoughts on this? If it is your food, go for it. If you know it’s not yours, keep your paws off. If you absolutely can’t live without eating it, be sure to ask your roommate first. The worst thing they can do is say no! Out of common courtesy keep in mind the “ask or don’t touch” rule.

Talk about quiet time & watch your volume

     What...Your roommate said turn down your music at 12 am? I know it’s a shock to some but others may need to get their 8 hours of sleep in. If this is the case, the Chillow Team recommends putting your headphones in. Respect your roommate’s quiet time, and they will hopefully do the same. Who knows when you’ll be cramming an essay due in one hour and need silence to focus?

Ask before borrowing

We all know the feeling of anger when you are trying to find something and it disappears out of nowhere. The next time you grab a roommate’s shirt be sure to get permission beforehand! And of course, out of respect, put it back where it belongs when you’re done.

Clean up after yourself 

No one likes a messy house. I mean The Chillow Team certainly doesn’t! Keeping your things organized and tidy is something you should always remember. We had to leave you guys with this last tip and trick of our roommate etiquette 101. Cleaning up after yourself will keep a happy household and establish a good routine between you and your roommate.
We certainly don’t know all the answers but the most important thing Chillow knows is to be honest, respectful, and dependable when it comes to living with someone else. If you’re too scared to talk about this with your roommates, Chillow has you covered. Send this blog to them as a hint to begin that happy living environment. We are confident after reading this you can become a master at practicing roommate etiquette too!

 -The Chillow Team