All students deserve safe & secure housing options during their young adult years, and Chillow can be the platform to give them this option! With an easy-to-navigate mobile app, verification processes, implemented safety precautions AND affordability for all, what better option is there?! Allow your students to focus more on their studies and future career path without the worry and stress of finding a reliable roommate.

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Transparency is key when finding reliable roommates and our mission is to give this to every student for free. 

Students who create an account are able to go through a background check & an ID verification process, creating a simple way to identify previous history and avoid problems during the school year. Completing these can show which students are serious about finding a roommate. Students are able to find other profiles whom they can trust, resulting in an easier decision-making process.


"1 in 5 college students reported being affected due to Covid, while 80% report the virus has negatively impacted their mental health."

With the Coronavirus being fairly new to society, long-term effects can be unknown. College campuses are unfortunately at risk of being Covid-19 superspreaders. We have solutions! We include social distancing questions when filling out an account which are displayed for others to see.


"Less than 15% of college students live on campus."

We want to create a safe community and positive environment for the 85% or more of students living off campus. A student’s living environment can affect their academics, overall mental health and be a deciding factor in whether they transfer or even drop out.

Our secure messaging portal makes it possible for students who match to connect with one another. They're able to decide who could be a good roommate prior to moving in together.


"Failed roommate scenarios can cost the average college student 41% of their annual income."

The correct steps can help prevent this from ever happening to your students, and our platform can be the solution.

Students can filter private housing based on affordability and reviews. Students can read reviews to gain insight on what living with a potential roommate would entail. They can also request reviews from their previous roommate, giving them credibility for their future living situation. For most students who worry about their budget, we have the solution.

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