Maintaining a Clean Home

January 11, 2021

Let's face it: your parents can't clean up after your mess forever. Keeping a home clean can be hard and especially now with working from home, living with roommates and having a pet or two. Maintaining a clean home is less about time spent and more about creating small habits and routines along the way. If you're among those struggling to keep your home tidy, keep scrolling through our blog because we've got some tips for you.


Simply ask yourself: do I REALLY need this? Think of the motto "less is more" for some additional inspiration. The more things you have, the more piles of stuff in your home. An easy tip to create less clutter is when purchasing something new, you also get rid of an item you already have. You can sell it, donate it or throw it in the trash. Another tip to save space (and money) is getting all-purpose cleaning supplies. This way you'll have less junk in your cabinets and a little less stress.

Make a schedule

Try sticking with a routine like cleaning the fridge once a month, cleaning your bathroom or washing your sheets every other week. When you start creating these habits over time you'll find you're not making excuses for why your house is in a constant state of mess. It could be as simple as dedicating one hour each day to cleaning instead of waiting until the last minute when you've run out of clean underwear and can't find the remote to the TV.

Live with roommates? Delegate tasks

We're all in this together! Cleaning your home should be done collectively. The good news is you don't have to do EVERY task. If you can't stand to take the trash out, offer to mow the lawn instead. If there's a task neither of you want to do, well you'll have a buddy to talk to while completing it. Don't forget to blast your favorite playlist and jam while cleaning to make the time pass by!

Clean as you go

Instead of leaving your dirty dishes in the sink and having that "I'll do it later" mentality, clean up your messes in the kitchen as you're cooking your meals. It's guaranteed to make a difference in the hygiene of your home and you won't have to worry about piles of dirt or laundry to clean up later. You also won't need to be speed cleaning right before your friends come over for game night.

Trust us, once you start a regimen it'll be much easier to keep a clean home. If you're having trouble balancing everything at once, try one habit at a time. Start by leaving your shoes at the door so you keep that excess dirt (or mud on a rainy day) away from your clean floors. Once you've got that down, start opening the windows in the mornings and evenings to circulate the air in your home. The overall goal is to create a space you enjoy coming home to. Thanks for reading, until next time!

-The Chillow Team