Maintaining A Good Relationship With Your Landlord

February 28, 2021

You've finally found your roommate off the Chillow app and are about to put a deposit down on an apartment-- YAY! You receive the landlord's information but you're not sure how to introduce yourselves. Maybe you've never experienced having a landlord before. Are there guidelines the two of you should be following?

It's important to foster a relationship with your landlord and maintain it throughout the duration of your lease. Never done this before? Unsure where to start? Keep reading, we're here to help!

Before moving in

All tenants should introduce themselves before moving in. Get coffee or take a tour of the place you're looking at with them! With COVID-19 still an ongoing issue, an email to your landlord should also suffice. While introductions are being made, be sure to be transparent. Let them know how long you plan on living on the property, who your roommates will be, if any pets will be living there, etc. The last thing you want is your landlord finding out you weren't completely honest with them when they come by for a maintenance check.

During your lease

Here's the thing: landlords are not your babysitter nor are they there to spy and get you in trouble. Now that's out of the way, here's what you should be doing during your time living in this apartment. Resolving maintenance issues quickly before they get out of hand is important to remember! You don't want to worry about paying a large amount of money for something which could've been avoided if you had called your landlord sooner. Check ups are a good thing! If you notice problems, make a list and bring it to their attention. Be sure to make reminders for dates you should be paying rents and utilities. If you're not the only person living on the property, remember you are responsible for yourself, not your roommate. If you've been paying your half on time with no issues but you roomie isn't doing the same, make sure you landlord is notified of the situation! You shouldn't be penalized for someone else's doing.

When moving out

Once your lease is up or you decide to move out (things happen, it is 2021 after all), be sure to communicate your plan! Whether it's just you moving out or all parties involved, here's how you should follow. Most importantly, clean up after yourself. Don't leave the place a mess for your landlord or the next tenants to deal with. It will also save you a ton of money in cleaning fees. Speaking of fees, don't forget to make sure you've paid all rent, utilities and other fees. A clean home at the end of your time there equals a VERY happy landlord, and hopefully means you'll get your entire safety deposit back! And remember to give back your keys before taking off on your next adventure.

There you have it! We hope this helps distinguish how to create and maintain a relationship between you and your landlord! As always, communication is your key to success. Until next time!

-The Chillow Team