New Roommate Icebreakers

June 14, 2021

Moving into a new place is nerve-racking in itself, and adding a new roommate into the mix can make it even more so! That first interaction can seem a little awkward... but not to stress, we’ve all been there. To prepare you on how you can ease the anxiety and get to know the other person, the Chillow Team thought we would share our tips and tricks on how to break the ice with your new roomie!

Break that ice

You may be thinking in the back of your mind "What the heck are we going to talk about?" which can lead to some awkward silences. This is where the game of “20 Questions” comes to play! Yes-- you heard us right, the game you played in high school when you started talking to your crush. Asking your roommate general questions is essential to getting to know them. It can also help you find out what type of person your roommate is and what their passions are. Here are a few questions to start: 

-Where are you from? 
-What is your favorite thing to do? 
-Do you have any siblings? 
-Are you a morning person or a night owl? 
-What is your favorite food? 
-What has been your favorite adventure? 
-Did you have any pets growing up? 
-Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Play “Two Truths & A Lie”

The one exception to lying: this game! This one is guaranteed to be a good time! It doubles as a fun activity and a way to get closer to your roommate. The game is pretty self-explanatory: say two things you want to share about yourself and one lie that might throw your roomie off! This game is a classic for a reason. It is used by companies, friends, and groups all around to get to know a person & to share something you want other people to know. This is your opportunity to show off your crazy past, tell a secret and have some laughs!

Find a common hobby

...and plan to do it together! After playing both 20 Questions and Two Truths & A Lie you should have a solid idea of what your roommate is into. Pick something you mutually enjoy and ask if they want to do it together! This is a great bonding experience and can be the start of many memories together as your roommates. The added bonus is you are both doing something you love!

Run don't walk to Trader Joes

You all should’ve seen this one was coming! You’ll be needing food in your new place and who isn’t obsessed with Trader Joe’s?! Take this opportunity to invite your new roommate to tag along! While you’re shopping through the aisles you can investigate what foods are their favorite and ones they despise. This is also a great time to plan a meal to cook together!

Now it's time to get cooking

Who doesn’t love a home-cooked meal? The Chillow Team certainly does! Have a night where you both don’t have anything going on? Suggest cooking a meal together. Who knows if your new roomie has a special dish they love making! Cooking together is a fun activity that includes teamwork, easy-flowing conversation, and something which can make your new place really feel like home.

Go out on the town

When in Rome...well maybe not exactly but you get where we are going with this! It’s exciting to see your new surroundings and find those cool new spots to hang out at. Doing it with your roommate is great because you guys can find your favorite place to go together in the future. While exploring you guys will be able to share laughs and create memories while roaming around the city!

Create a roomie bucket list

Want those unforgettable memories? Making a buck list together will do the trick! This is a great way to make future plans with your roommate and could be the start of a great friendship! You can ask them about all those fun things they’ve always wanted to try, places they’ve wanted to visit, any adventure they’ve wanted to go on, etc. Another fun thing to do is write each bucket list item on a piece of paper and put them in a jar. Next time your roommate and you can’t figure out what to do, pick one out and go from there!

Find a TV series to watch together

Grab a blanket and your popcorn, because watching a new series with your roommate is a fun activity while chilling at home! Take this time to look through Netflix and find something that interests both of you. If you find a series this can instantly become a routine to watch that show together. Heck, you can even plan one night of the week to cuddle up with your popcorn and indulge! This can create a tradition to do together when you’re both at home! The Chillow Team’s personal favorites include The Bachelor, Emily in Paris, You, or Outerbanks!

As roommate-finding experts, we know how scary it can be to move into a new place with someone else. Breaking through that initial awkward stage can be tough but the best thing to remember is we all have to start somewhere. Begin by asking questions about your roomie, create a fun activity to do together, and make an effort to get to know them. We hope after reading this you have an idea of fun activities and games to get those conversations started and memories created! We cannot wait to hear all about them. Best of luck!

-The Chillow Team