Tips to Finding a Roommate During COVID-19

October 26, 2020

It's not easy looking for a roommate, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Even when we ask our family and friends if they know anyone looking for a roommate, we can be met with dead ends.

How are you supposed to get a new roommate when there are limits put on socializing in person?

That's why we've created an app allowing you to still have the same comfort of speaking with a potential roommate without the awkwardness of your aunt trying to introduce you over Facebook.

Welcome to Chillow. But first, we want to share a few tips on finding a roommate during COVID-19 and how to make the process less complicated.

Utilize online resources for finding a new roommate.

Living in a world based on instant gratification, it's no surprise you're probably looking for a digital resource that will do the work for you and let you know that you've found the perfect match. There's nothing wrong with that; we'd do the same. That's why we've created Chillow- an app to where we do the dirty work to help you and leave the stress behind.

Online resources should be your number-one-go-to when looking for new roomies. Since we cannot socialize at our max level due to COVID, the internet is the safest way to go. Of course, you will eventually need to meet your potential new roomie in person to get their full vibe, but a virtual "first date" will help you weed out who's the best and who's not.

Have a video chat or two before meeting your potential roommate in person.

Speaking of a virtual "first date," use chats like Skype or Zoom to your advantage. Don't forget, your video chat presence and appearance will set the stage for that initial first impression. If you're looking for someone who is tidy, make sure you pick up your stuff and keep your background clean.

If they see a messy background on video, they might get the wrong idea and turn the other way. While on a video call, use this time to chat casually and get a feel for each other's personality. It's also best to prepare a set of questions beforehand so you're prepared to talk about business- living styles, lifestyle habits, leisure activities, etc.

When meeting a potential new roomie, practice COVID safety and make note of their habits.

You've found your potential new roommate online, had a video chat to break the ice, and now it's time for the real deal; an in-person meet-up. What can't be displayed over video chat will definitely be revealed in person. If possible, this would be great chance to view the place you two will be living in and go more in-depth about living styles and expectations

Remember, always practice COVID safety while meeting up with your roomie candidate. Wear a mask, try to maintain a few feet's distance between each other and wash your hands before and after the meeting. This is someone whom you have (probably) never met before, so you will be in fresh contact; new contact calls for EXTRA caution- just in case.

We promise these three tips will make your roommate-finding experience much more straightforward. Don't let COVID stop you from finding the best new roomie- and hopefully, a new bestie. Happy searching!

-The Chillow Team