Working From Home: How to Stay Motivated & Focused

December 28, 2020

Homes have become the new office space for a large some of people due to COVID-19. Some people are thriving from this by scheduling their own hours, balancing work with play and even saving money from transportation or eating out on their lunch break. Other are struggling from this change in their professional lives and are trying their best to stay motivated. If you are a part of the group struggling don't worry, we're here to help. Here's some ways to stay focused and keep killing it in your career!

Stick to a routine

Creating habits and a specific routine will aid in accomplishing what needs to get done. Having trouble waking up in the morning? Create a routine in the early hours like getting a quick workout in before you have to sit in front of your computer for the day. Getting dressed up as if going into the office is a great idea of sticking to a routine by reminding you of the old one. Set up an office space in your home (preferably NOT in your bed) dedicated to hard work and quiet time. Turn your phone on "do not disturb" and you'll see how much easier it is to focus.

Breaks are a good thing

If you're not feeling it, don't do it. You want to give your work 110% so if you're only giving it about 40%, walk away and come back later. Go run that errand you've been procrastinating for the past two weeks instead! Can't leave your home due to the pandemic? Blast the speakers with your favorite tunes and take a much needed dance break.

Communicate, then communicate some more

With most people not talking face-to-face on a daily basis, it's important to over communicate. Participate in those office Zoom meetings (even if you really don't want to) because it's good practice and your coworkers will appreciate it. If you're feeling stuck or confused, reach out to the people you work with and ask for assistance where needed. There's a good chance the emotions you've been feeling and the struggles you've been experiencing are very similar to your peers.

Take advantage of your situation

Choose to see the good in this change. If you used to drive 30 minutes to get to the office each morning, there's an extra 30 minutes you have to do something else (and money saved on filling your tank.) You can now sit in the comfort of your home wearing sweatpants instead of business casual clothing and yes, maybe today you decide not to wash your hair. You have more free time to spend with your roommate and your furry friend is excited for all those walks you'll now be taking them on during your lunch break.

We hope this helps those who have been struggling with this change in their professional lives. No matter the obstacles thrown in your way, you can always overcome them! And remember; it's OKAY to have an unsuccessful day of working from home. Life happens. Just be prepared to try again tomorrow.

-The Chillow Team